EP 01 - Preserving the Past

Thirty years ago, the townspeople created the Langdon Volunteer Fire Service. Listen to stories about the early days of Langdon, how the fire service came together, and how they serve and protect the community.

EP 02 - Never Stop Training

Langdon volunteers receive the same training as full-time firefighters, dedicating hundreds of hours of their own time to learn the many skills needed to become and maintain their status as professional firefighters.

EP 03 - When the Tones Go Off

Unlike their full-time counterparts, volunteer firefighters are on-call 24/7, year-round. With training and community engagement it’s a very big commitment, juggling firefighting, work and family life. How do they do it?

EP 04 - One of the Team

Diversity is a consideration when recruiting firefighters in Langdon, but it’s not, necessarily, top of mind . Other than just being in a stressful profession, are women and people of colour facing additional challenges?

EP 05 - I'll Never Forget

Stress for a volunteer firefighter can take many forms, from the simply mundane and issues with family, to the horrific aftermath of fatal fires and highway carnage. How do they cope and who can they call on for support?

E6 06 - Protecting the Future

The new fire hall receives its long overdue grand opening and rolling-in ceremony as the Chief contemplates retirement. The future of the Langdon Fire Service is bright and secure; the town and county will be well served.